Refinery of fuel

Now we can start our own petrol,diesel,cng, jet fuel and any kind of fuels pump at Our own house or premises. Invention of crude oil making plant with refinery of fuel (petrol, diesel, gas, jet fuel, kerosine)means we are the first and only one industry who invented this technology and Manufactures these kind of machine which can produce any kind of fuel by agro waste.

Demonstrations is available at our nagpur site .
Daily requirement of 5metric ton Agro waste as a raw material
Daily Output 60% crude oil means 3metric ton crude oil
20% charcoal(best for Agreeculture productivity and lots of sector)means 1metric ton charcoal production 20% gas production means 1000liter gas which converted into electricity and operate the machine by own Manufacturing unit means self operated and generated auto pilot unique machine


Machine price


Own Investment

Remaining 15 crore provided by ssf without any interest or instalment
Only 20% monthly profit sharing of project, Because of this project we can solve farmers suiside problems

  • We can buy Farmers waste material which is remain after crop sale with the good cost we can solve their financial problems
    And by the using of bio fuel we can solve pollution problem and fight against Global warming
  • Invested amount will recover within 10 months
    If we buy raw material from farmers which is waste material for them which value is 0/- we will by that as per crop rate which very high afterall our fuel like petrol production cost is ₹13/- per liter and sale cost is ₹73/- it means 6 to 7 times margin per day
    3ton per day =3,000liter per day crude oil which is converted into petrol or any fuel

Charcoal profit which will produce 20% means 1metric ton means

30 days means one month 30 *10,50,000